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Frequently Asked Questions

The complexity of our modern society and tremendous advances in technology now requires a higher level of education to enter the job markets of today than was required by our parents or grandparents. With your assistance, we are promoting a number of objectives.


1. MHEBF Application deadline is FEBRUARY 1st. annually. Note, The Fred and Lilly North Masonic Bursary is currently open and accepting appications up to July 15, 2018. Our bursary application forms are available under the heading APPLY.

2. Each year the Bursaries are provided in a three fold manner as follows:

A. Thirty $5000.00 Bursaries are awarded across Alberta and the Northwest Territories (Excluding the Peace River Regional District) courtesy of the MHEBF.

B. Eight $5000.00 Bursaries are awarded within the Peace River Regional District courtesy of The Mathews Konschak Trust Masonic Bursary.

C. Two $7000.00 Bursaries are awarded across Alberta and the Northwest Territories to Pharmacy and Medicine students courtesy of The Lauraine Douchet Masonic Bursary.

D. Two $10,000.00 Bursaries are awarded to students graduating from Kitscoty High School and Lloydminster Comprehensive High School courtesy of The Fred and Lilly North Masonic Bursary.

3. The amount of Bursaries awarded each year may be increased or decreased in amounts of bursaries provided and amount of financial assistance provided. For example, in 2018 we proudly provided 60 bursaries in our 60th anniversary; 43 MHEBF bursaries, 15 Mathews Konschak Trust Masonic Bursaries, and 2 Lauraine Douchet Masonic Bursaries totaling $306,450.72.

4. The Masonic Higher Education Bursary program was started by Most Worshipful Brother Ross S. Sheppard in 1956.

5. The first bursaries were awarded in 1959.

6. All Freemasons throughout Alberta are charged with the responsibility of raising sufficient funds to pay for these bursaries annually.

7. Over 3300 bursaries have been awarded since the program started.

8. In the 60 years since the first bursaries were awarded the Freemasons in Alberta have donated over 4 Million Dollars to Alberta students.

9. Only the Government of Alberta provides more funding for students through the Alexander Rutherford Scholarships.

10. Alexander Rutherford was the first Premier of Alberta and the first Worshipful Master of Acacia Lodge No. 11 in Edmonton.

11. Freemasons have to conduct personal interviews with students who have been selected from among all the applicants. This is to assist the Bursary Committee in determining the financial needs of each applicant. If you are a Freemason in Alberta and wish to help with interviews, please contact your District Deputy Grand Master.

12. It is our duty to remember, there are students that have achieved high academic marks, but do not have the financial resources to enable them to continue on to receive a higher education.

13. For information on the Roles and Responsibilities of the District Deputy Grand Master and District Bursary Coordinator - click here.

14. The Master of each Lodge is required to appoint a Lodge Bursary Representative. This Freemason has two functions. The first is to bring to the attention of the members of the Lodge the important activities of the MHEBF. And the second is to promote various fund raising projects. In consultation with the District Coordinator presentations may be made in Lodge and the Coordinator is able to supply information about the activities of the Bursary Committee which can be brought to the attention of the members.

15. Our Registered Charity Number is 107447153RR000l so that tax receipts can be issued for all donations. Our bursaries are funded by donations from individual Freemasons, Masonic Clubs and Concordant Bodies, Memorial Donations, Bequests placed in Wills and gifts from the public. The day to day operating expenses of the fund are paid by the Grand Lodge of Alberta. No expenses are taken from the donations, memorials or bequests directed to the Fund.

16. It should be understood that Bursaries are not Scholarships. Bursaries are given to worthy students who are in financial need, so they can get some type of post secondary education (of at least 2 academic years in length) and achieve their full potential as productive, well informed members of society.

17. Bursary cheques will be sent to the institution he or she is attending and will be credited to their account. They are usually used to help pay tuition fees, or buy books.

18. From time to time the Bursary amount is raised in an attempt to offset the rapid rise in tuition fees at all post secondary institutions in Alberta. Masonic Bursaries were never expected to cover the total cost of tuition but it is hoped that they may continue to be of significant assistance to many worthy students.

19. All Freemasons are encouraged to promote the Bursary Fund to all family and friends and the public at large who are interested in any Post Secondary program two academic years longer.

20. As Freemasons, we believe equality is paramount in our society, the Bursary Fund is a Registered Charity, and Federal Law requires that absolutely no special consideration can be given to anyone, and the Application and Interview forms do not seek information about Masonic connections, religion or race and gender.

21. The Masonic Higher Education Bursary Fund is audited by the Grand Lodge Auditors in a separate section and the audit is published in the Grand
Lodge Proceedings.