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The Masonic Higher Education Bursary Fund recognizes, promotes and supports excellence in education for the benefit of humanity.


The Masonic Higher Education Bursary Fund was instituted by the Grand Lodge of Alberta, A.F. & A.M. at its Annual Communication in June of 1957. The intent was and is to provide assistance to those students wishing to receive a higher education but lacking the ever increasing funds to do so.

The Masonic Higher Education Bursary Fund obtains its funding through donations from individual Freemasons, Masonic Clubs and Concordant Bodies, Memorial Donations and Bequests placed in Wills. The Fund is a Registered Charitable Fund and receipts for Income Tax purposes are issued. The day to day operating expenses of the fund are paid by the Grand Lodge of Alberta. No expenses are taken from the donations, memorials or bequests directed to the Fund.

Today, the MHEBF Bursaries are awarded to students at the post secondary level of Education in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Bursaries are awarded on a basis of need and proven scholastic ability. The application deadline is February 1st. annually. Our bursary application forms and further information are available at under the heading APPLY. Each year the Bursaries are provided in a three fold manner as follows:

1. Thirty $5000.00 Bursaries are awarded across Alberta and the Northwest Territories courtesy of the MHEBF.

2. Eight $5000.00 Bursaries are awarded within the Peace River Regional District courtesy of The Mathews Konschak Trust Masonic Bursary.

3. Two $7000.00 Bursaries are awarded across Alberta and the Northwest Territories to Pharmacy and Medicine students courtesy of The Lauraine Douchet Masonic Bursary.

*The amount of Bursaries awarded each year may be increased or decreased in amounts of bursaries provided and amount of financial assistance provided. For example, in 2014 The Lauraine Douchet Masonic Bursary was able to award four Bursaries at $7,200.00 each.

To view our Constituion, Regulations & Procedures for the operation of the MHEBF Committee - click here.